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Newsletter # 6                             The Holidays Winter 2012

With the days now shorter, and the winds much colder, we know that winter has arrived even if we don't have snow yet.  Christmas is only days away and this can be a very difficult time of year for individuals and families who are dealing with a marriage transition.  Although a marriage may have ended it does not mean that all family traditions must end too.

Within this E-letter you will find links to articles about financial tips as well as other related topics.  I encourage you to read on and follow the links to items that are most relevant to you and your situation.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best for health and happiness for the New Year.

Best regards,

Gail Belchior
Owner / Financial Divorce Specialist
Holiday Spending                             
From Golden Girls Finance
Shopping Bags
Holiday Shopping

The 5 commandments of seasonal spending

Don't be seduced into overspending; follow these simple guidelines for fiscally responsible holiday shopping...


To read more on Seasonal Spending click here...

Dysfunctional Family Bingo

by Dawn Sinnott
That was many years ago and my husband and I have since divorced, due in large part to continuing issues with his family, however the empowerment of that simple game of Bingo has stayed with me.  It wasn't meant to be mean spirited; it was meant to begin the process of seeing difficult situations in a different light.


Surviving the Holidays While You're Surviving Divorce



Christmas Ball Decorations
Christmas - A Time to Shine

As hard as it is, it's in times of distress and heartache that you absolutely should celebrate the holidays. The fact is the holidays endure through everything. They are part of the solid ground that transcends what's happening on the surface of our lives. They reassure us that there are some things that do not change and demand celebration no matter what. Holidays are about peace and sharing and gratitude and love. During tragedy, or divorce, or heartache we have to reach down and find those core things at a deeper level, a more meaningful level. 

In This Issue
Holiday Spending
Dysfunctional Family Bingo
Surviving the Holidays

Gail Belchior, Consultant
Gail Belchior, BA/BEd, PFP, FDS

"Gail is not only a true professional that knows her business inside and out, her warmth and compassion will put anyone needing her services at ease and make a difficult situation a little more bearable." 
October 25, 2012 
Shari Belme,
Client Relations,
Sherry Campbell Counselling Group   

Dollar Sign, Hand shake and Money
Making Smart Decisions

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