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Self Care During Separation and Divorce
Do's & Don'ts of Healthy Eating
Are Your Ready to Make Decisions
Staying Healthy While Coping with Relationship Separation
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One Day at a Time

This month's E-letter focus is on the personal side of your health and wellness.  Each guest contributor provides you with tips to help you deal with the stress and emotions of separation and divorce.  Included are links to allow you to read more from each expert. 
As your Financial Divorce Specialist, I will focus on your future financial health, however, it is just as important for you to focus on your own current mental and physical health.  Moving forward with decision making should only be done once you have had time to process things and consider alternative solutions.  Read on for helpful tips during this emotionally difficult time.                                     
Gail Belchior
Financial Divorce Solutions
Agreement on the Financial Picture

From - "Even in the most amicable family break ups, you and your children may suffer significant emotional trauma. If your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program as part of your benefit plan, take full advantage of the available services. EAPs typically offer a myriad of free resources including web-based information, personal, financial and credit counselling." 
Self Care during Separation & Divorce
by Sandy Saczkowski, MSW, RSW
If you are going through a divorce and find yourself struggling, you're not alone.  
Given that this is a pSandy Saczkowskirocess that can last anywhere from 1  to 3  years on  average, divorce can  exhaust  you mentally,  physically, emotionally 
 and  spiritually.

Take heart in  knowing
that divorce  is often experienced at the same  level as dealing with the death of someone close. You may find your emotions are all over the map. You may be experiencing difficulty sleeping or concentrating. People around you expect you to recover quickly and get on with life.

However, there is a very big difference between death and divorce - your former loved one is still alive. You may still have to interface with them because you share children together. You may experience awkwardness and tension when you encounter each other in the same circles of family and friends.

Resolving financial issues can keep you entangled for some time during the process and after it's complete.

There are a number of things you can do during this time to take care of yourself and lessen the effects of separation and divorce:  Click here to read more

The Do's & Don'ts of Healthy Eating During Stressful Times
By Diana Esposito, BA, CNHP


 Diana Esposito


Do use food only as fuel.........
Do express what needs to be expressed.........


Do eat frequently........
Do eat foods of all colours........

Click here for more from our Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Are You Ready to Make Decisions?
Life Changes Ahead
By Sherry Campbell, MA, RSW, OACCPP Psychotherapist
Counselling provides an objective solution focused environment in which to deal with the range of thoughts and feelings, which clients report as very valuable to their own health and well being as well as their children's. Financial advisors and lawyers are frequently referring their clients to counselling as the first step in the steps of separation and divorce to ensure that feelings of upset, distress, and/or anger do not interfere with the most logical and fair agreement outcomes. Too many couples, unfortunately, move through years of unnecessary turmoil and financial costs in the court systems as they are blurred by their unresolved issues regarding the relationship. 

Click here to read more on Why Counselling is Valuable 
Dr Stephen Tripodi
By Dr. Stephen Tripodi,
an Ontario licensed and registered Naturopathic doctor

Staying Healthy While

Coping with Relationship Separation





Here's what to do when a relationship separation occurs:


Live Authentic


Most relationships break down over time. Once a separation occurs, use the opportunity to ask yourself the hard questions: Are you living authentically? Do you recognize what makes you happy, satisfied and fulfilled, and conversely, what is just not right in your life? 


Sleep Well


How often have you wondered where you can find extra time to get things done? Precious sleep time is stolen to 'catch up or get ahead'. Clinically, it has 

been my experience that sleep disruptions are one of the earliest signals that something is emotionally off course. 


Eat Clean


Got so many things on your mind that breakfast and lunch was not even on the radar? Why didn't your body remind you? Under stress, your body shuts down less important tasks, such as a rumbling stomach to cue you to eat, but that doesn't mean you skip meals! In fact, under stress, even more nutrients are required to fuel your brain and body. Hungry or not, begin the day with breakfast. A car without gas will get you nowhere!


Stay Active


The goal here is to keep your body in motion more so than stagnant. Get out and move! Restart your activity if it got pushed aside. Explore a new activity that conveniently fits your schedule, or try that one particular activity on your bucket list. Simple, accessible, and inexpensive self-care options include walking, jogging, biking, yoga, and meditation. Pick one and go!


It is my personal belief and professional opinion that these strategies can function as a first line 'treatment' for relationship separation. However, just as one size does not fit all, people under stress are challenged in different ways. Naturopathic medical care provides more specific treatment options to help your body and mind better cope with the stressful events of life.


The literature is clear that stress always has a biochemical/physiological component. Assessment and treatment of the whole person is a fundamental principle of Naturopathic medical care, which means paying attention to both the illness, as well as the person who has the illness.

Click the above link for all the event details.

  Thank you to those who attended. It was a wonderful evening of sharing important  information & answering questions.



"Gail is not only a true professional that knows her business inside and out, her warmth and compassion will put anyone needing her services at ease and make a difficult situation a little more bearable." 


            Shari Belme, 

Client Relations for

 Sherry Campbell

 Counselling Group 

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