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The Two Sides to Separation & Divorce
Family Law Professionals
Financial Divorce Specialist
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Team Approach

This month begins the hope for a new beginning.  We often start new things once September rolls around. Summer vacations are over, kids are back in school, work routines fall back into place and focus is given to thinking about personal plans and the future. 

In this month's E-letter I outline some of the many options out there for you to consider when building your team.  In addition, I will highlight some of the professionals available to you to help you move through the separation and divorce process.  While I do not provide legal advice, as I am not a lawyer, I have a network of legal professionals who are ready to assist you.......Read on.
Gail Belchior
Financial Divorce Solutions
The Two Sides 
to Separation & Divorce 

Decision Making Process
The Emotional Divorce

There are two sides to a separation & divorce 
- the emotional side and the financial / legal side. 

The separation and divorce process is a roller coaster ride you likely never expected and one of the most emotional experiences you are likely to face. Your emotions are all over the map: shame, blame, revenge, fear, guilt, relief, grief, sadness, loss and anticipation, just to name a few.
Letting your emotions become part of the financial and legal decision-making process will likely cost you both financially as well as emotionally.
Home & Money & Legal
The Financial & Legal Divorce
Until you have dealt with some of your emotions you risk making poor decisions regarding financial and legal choices.

Once some of your emotional issues have been dealt with, disruption of routines have been settled and the fog has lifted you may then be ready to start to build your financial & legal team.

The phrases I hear most often at this stage are:
"What's next?"  
"Now what?"
"Where do I go for help?" 
"Who do I call for help?"
"I just want a fair settlement."   
"I don't want to fight about this any more,
  can't we just settle this and move on?" 

Family Law Professionals
A Team Approach
All for One Hands
Working Together 
It is in your best interest to approach divorce from an amicable perspective.
This is critical for reaching a successful settlement agreement which is acceptable for both parties.
The services of Financial Divorce Solutions can be invaluable in helping you (together with the other party or as an individual) to understand how various financial options impact decisions and your future security.

A copy of the DVD, "A Peaceful Divorce" is available for loan to my clients......Call the office (905-892-4058) to arrange to borrow this informative resource.

Using the Collaborative Family Law process can help to keep the two parties amicable.
Filing an application for divorce means the separation is permanent with no chance of reconciliation.  No fault divorce means (from a legal & business perspective the reasons behind the divorce), how each person acted is generally not relevant.

A divorce simply means the dissolving of the marriage contract which then allows one to remarry, if they wish.

A written separation agreement identifies the financial arrangements (and child/parenting arrangements, if applicable).  The financial arrangements begin with a thorough review of each person's financial situation to figure out each individuals assets and liabilities (debts).  
Financial Divorce Specialist
Skilled Third Party Neutral Assistance

Using an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist to assist you with your discussions related to property and asset division provides you with a skilled professional who can supply you with Future Lifestyle Outcome Projections.  This allows you to make informed decisions. 
Ms Linda Cartier, president of the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialist states, "For the role of a Financial Divorce Specialist it's very important when dealing with divorcing clients to take on a completely neutral role to avoid the perception of providing legal advice.  The role is to inform and educate clients and provide them with a sounding board and occasional reality check. "  She cautions that lawyers are trained on the legal aspects of divorce yet you also need to understand the tax consequences of a divorce settlement, or the impact of how pension and investment decisions might be affected many years down the road.  These are critical factors to a Financial Divorce Specialists.
Working with a qualified Financial Divorce Specialist  should be one of your first steps to uncovering and resolving financial issues in an amicable way.
Your Legal Eagle
The Written Separation Agreement
Legal Eagle
Legal Eagle
 Finding the right family law lawyer is very important.
This person
   is going to help you
   understand your rights
   and obligations under
   the rules of Family  
Talk to family, friends, co-workers and other family law professionals to get names of experienced family law lawyers.  Then set aside time to meet with a few to interview them.  During your initial consult meeting ask questions to ensure you feel comfortable with that person and understand them when they provide answers.
Take along a friend or family member to help you remember all that was said.  Often, when dealing with an emotionally charged situation people don't process all that happens during the meeting.  When you have someone else in the room you have a second set of eyes and ears.  
Your relationship with your lawyer and the separation process will be built on trust, communication and compromise.  You need a lawyer to tell you what you need to know not  what you want to hear. 
If during your interview meeting you don't feel the fit is right, politely end the meeting and move on to another possible choice.  The process of interviewing, and selecting the right lawyer for you is very important in avoiding a costly mistake and will ensure you have the right person on your team from the beginning.
Helpful hints for your lawyer consultation:
Ask about the family law practice: years of experience, specializations, success ratios, preferred methods of process, such as collaborative model or litigation.
Ask about fees: retainers, hourly rate, work done by other staff, court costs, disbursement costs, additional costs, and ways to keep the overall costs low.

Ask about preferred ways to communicate, such as emails, phone calls, letters, face to face meetings and which of these methods are the most time and cost effective for you.
Go to the initial meeting prepared.  One way to do this is to work with Financial Divorce Solutions to prepare the required financial disclosure forms.

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Splitting the home
Splitting the home


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"I wanted to say,  Thank you again for chatting with me a couple weeks back; I found it extremely informative. You definitely have introduced a great service to those going through difficult times!"



" My brother referred me to you.  I really want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.  You gave me some very good advice 
and recommendations.  It was very helpful and you have a useful website too. I joined your mailing list.  I appreciate your consult and clarity in direction."
Gayle, Toronto


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