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Many people tell me that one of the most confusing parts of the marital transition process is knowing what to do once the decision has been made that, "it's over."  Those words are just as hard to say as they are to hear.  So whether you (or someone you know) is working through this process my services are available to help with the financial aspects for a "peaceful divorce."  I frequently am told by those who are separating they just want a respectful, fair settlement and in this month's E-letter I briefly outline some of the options out there for you to consider.  While I do not provide legal advice, as I am not a lawyer, I
do have a working knowledge of the options available to you.  I have also drawn on the expertise of Michael Cochrane, LLB, a well respected Toronto family law lawyer and author....Read on.
Gail Belchior
Financial Divorce Solutions
What are my Options?

Almost everyone will tell you to stay out of the courts as much

"Divorce is one of the fastest ways to destroy wealth." 
    Investment & Wealth Monitor Sept/Oct 2010 

Each couple's situation is unique, so the process you choose should be personalized to you and the dynamics of your relationship transition.


Your emotional state will likely influence your decision-making.  Understanding the rollercoaster of feelings you will experience will help you to focus on practical results.  When you are ready to proceed take charge of the process by learning what options are available to you. 


Consider if you and the other party will be able to:
  • work together to resolve your differences?
  • communicate respectfully?
  • jointly solve problems?
  • negotiate openly?
  • focus on solutions?
Collaborative Family Law
A different way to divorce
This is a team approach, where you and your spouse keep control of the decision-making, rather than giving that up to a judge.  The goal is to resolve problems jointly and prevent a court battle.  The two parties work together with their lawyers, financial divorce specialists, and child/parenting specialists as needed.

The services of Financial Divorce Solutions can be invaluable in helping you (together with the other party or as an individual) to understand how various financial options impact decisions and your future security.

A copy of the DVD, "A Peaceful Divorce" is available for loan to my clients......Call the office (905-892-4058) to arrange to borrow this informative resource.

Skilled Third Party Assistance
"In mediation, the couple facing family problems related to their separation uses a skilled third party to assist them in discussing the issues to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.  Instead of having a judge impose a solution, the people design their own.  Mediation can offer a family a more humane method of tackling any issue, no matter how big or small.  Its goal is joint planning for the future, not argument over the past."
Michael G. Cochrane, LLB
Author, Surviving Your Divorce 
Using an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist to assist you with your discussions related to property and asset division provides you with a skilled professional who can supply you with Future Lifestyle Outcome Projections.  This allows you to make informed decisions. 
Another Alternative to Going to Court 
"Arbitration is another alternative to going to court and is not unlike the use of a private judge.  The parties select a private individual, often an experienced lawyer or a retired judge, to hear their dispute in private.  After the hearing the arbitrator renders a decision, sometimes within 30 days."
"With advice from their lawyers, some people enter into a process that combines mediation and arbitration."
Michael G. Cochrane, LLB
Author, Surviving Your Divorce 
Going to Court
Not Settling Your Differences
"A trial, at the most basic level, means that the people involved have not been able to agree on a solution to their problems and are left asking the court to solve it for them. The process is slow, very slow.  The lawyer will likely explain that the legal fees for a trial are approximately $1,500 to $5,000 per day (minimum), and more if additional lawyers are involved on your behalf.  It is not unusual for lawyers to request an advance on fees before the trial in the amount of $10,000 to $15,000."

Michael G. Cochrane, LLB
Author, Surviving Your Divorce 

If you are in a position where you must go to trial be prepared for a slow, costly process in which you may not get the results you really want.  Ask yourself, "Do the potential benefits out weigh the costs, both financial and emotional?"
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