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The Risks You Take?
Newsletter #18                                            January 2014
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Valuing a Professional Business
Using a Chartered Business Valuator
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Whether you, or someone you know,
are beginning the separation or divorce process, already in negotiations or sitting in a holding pattern Financial Divorce Solutions is available to assist.
"Divorce is the one human tragedy that reduces everything to cash."          Rita Mae Brown
The month of January is known as Divorce Month and for many it is the time to get the process started, evaluate your options or make the final decisions.

Here are a few questions to consider:
  • What am I risking by not moving forward?
  • What are my tax consequences?
  • What are my options regarding the Family Business, Professional Corporation or Income Property?
  • What can I do to ensure I will be OK financially?
  • What about the children and their financial needs?   

Find out more about how Financial Divorce Solutions can help you make the best financial decisions for a better outcome.

Valuing a Professional Business
Reduce the cost of valuing a professional practice upon divorce using Collaborative Law, by Nathalie Boutet 


Valuating a professional practice when there is a separation may be emotionally charged and costly because of the subjective nature of business valuations, especially professional businesses. Read more to find out what elements of a professional practice may have value for division of assets and how to more easily reach agreement on these issues.


Using a Chartered Business Valuator 
Involvement of the Chartered Business Valuator in the Collaborative Law setting, by Corey Miles

There are a number of circumstances which lead to the requirement of a business valuation being prepared. Some of these are matrimonial disputes, potential sale of the business, obtaining financing and the transfer of a business to the next generation. Read more.   

I hope this newsletter has you thinking about the risks associated with all the financial aspects of a separation or divorce.  Every situation is different, since we are all unique individuals and the years together as a couple will affect the communication and emotional decision making for each person.  Emotional risks become considerations as they relate to the process used.  Will you use a Family Mediator and keep things amicable or will you need to go to court and let the Judge decide?  These decisions bring about legal risks.  While almost every decision you make will have a financial impact, both now and in the future, should you risk making decisions without the benefit of an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS)? 




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