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SEPTEMBER 2013                                           NEWSLETTER #14  
   WHAT'S THIS GOING TO COST ME?            

Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Consultant & Family Mediator
What's this Going to Cost Me?
In this month's issue you will find information on various topics related to the costs in a separation/divorce.  I hope you find it helpful and supportive as you move through your marriage transition or as you support a family member or friend who is going through this difficult time. 
Costs are almost always a concern, but they are not always financial.  There are three parts to a separation situation; you will face emotional issues, financial issues and legal issues. 
What's this going to cost you in terms of time, money and stress?  Make no mistake the separation and divorce process is going to cost you, but in some ways how much is up to you. Make the most of your time and money. Here is a chart to help you view your options.
My focus as an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist is often related to full financial disclosure, cash flow, income, money and asset division. Oh, and don't forget about the tax consequences.
As a Family Mediator my focus is to help the couple work through their issues to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  This can often be achieved with less time, cost and stress, especially when the parties are willing to be flexible and creative to finding a workable solutions so each person can move on.

As a member of Collaborative Practice Niagara I work as part of the team where we all focus on resolving issues using a timely and cost effective process.  This recent Toronto Star article provides more information stating, "Collaborative lawyers work in teams with other professionals, typically a financial expert and, if need be, a psychologist to help divorcing couples achieve a satisfactory resolution.  We help our clients voice what's important and hear what matters to the other person," Smith says.  It costs far less, typically $10,000 per person, compared to as much as $50,000 to $100,000 for a contested divorce, she says."

I am passionate about offering professional solutions that are personalized to meet your individual needs and result in the best possible outcome.  Learn More

Michael Root
Michael Root
Michael Root, a partner with Durward, Jones, Barkwell & Company provides some clarification on this always confusing topic.  As a chartered accountant  with over 20 years experience he is a valuable resource.  

Family Split
What's Best for the Children?

The phrase, "in the best interest of the children" is often used when discussing what to do when the parents decide the marriage is over. 
I asked Wendy Bulthuis, registered social worker and clinician for the Ontario Office of the Children's Lawyer to cover the topic:   

You may also want to check out this video on:

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