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Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Specialist & Family Mediator

I started Financial Divorce Solutions to better serve those across the Niagara Region who want to make the best financial decisions during an emotional and stressful time.  I am passionate about offering professional solutions that are personalized to meet your individual needs and result in the best possible outcome.

It is important for my clients to know as an independent service provider I am able to provide an unbiased, open and objective third party perspective for each individual client.  As the neutral third party I also work within a professional team structure including lawyers, mediators, counsellors, therapists, accountants and investment advisors.


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Often with the breakdown of the relationship it is the first time that the household expenses and income are reviewed.  If debt has become excessive knowing your credit rating, score and debt repayment options can go along way to reducing your stress.

Family Conflict - What's Best for the Children
What's Best for the Children?

Focusing on what is best for your children can sometimes mean setting aside your own personal and emotional issues. By working with professional counselors, family therapists and parenting experts your own coping and parenting skills can improve which can in turn be in the children's best interest. 
  • Do you know how to structure a good parenting plan? 
  • Do you know where the children will live and who will make the decisions?
  • Do you know how child support is calculated?

Financial & Legal Divorce
Spousal Support & Property Division

Most people do not fully understand the division of property, your assets and liabilities, what you own and what you owe.  Most people think you simply take everything and divide it 50/50.  This is not accurate and can lead to a very big disappointment with unwanted tax consequences.
  • Do you know which assets are divisible and those that are not?
  • Do you know the time limit for the division of property?
  • Do you know that the division of property is not the same for married couples compared to common-law couples?
The entitlement to spousal support is a legal issue.  If applicable, the financial decisions regarding how best to structure payments are critical.  Once all the post separation expenses and total income information has been disclosed, and analyzed, only then can your future financial security be evaluated.  This can be a very difficult task for some people, especially those not comfortable with financial issues and topics. 
  • Do you know the factors that are taken into consideration regarding spousal support?
  • Do you know the time requirement regarding common-law spousal support?
  • Do you know how family law professionals can work cooperatively to help bring about the best possible outcome? 
Watch this short video to Learn More on Spousal Support and Property.

Gail Belchior, BA/BEd, PFP, FDS
Financial Divorce Consultant
Family Mediator

Helping People Make the Best Financial Decisions During an Emotional & Stressful Time.

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MAY 30, 2013
7-9 p.m.

Fun-Filled Information Forum
Inviting all women to a fun-filled evening.
Enjoy special treatments by Mary Kay, Tranquility Touch Spa and more.

Learn how you can better manage your money in a fun and interactive format with three leading professionals.
Melanie Smith - Beresh Smith Law
Linda Barnsley - MNP Ltd
Gail Belchior - Financial Divorce Solutions

This event is for women by women, so mark your calendars and gather your friends, mothers and daughters.....
more details coming soon.


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