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Gail Belchior, Consultant
Gail Belchior, Owner/Consultant
Newsletter #1                                                                              June 2012
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Become Informed
Understand Your Financial Picture
Consider Credit, Banking & Record Keeping Issues
The Path Ahead

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The Path Ahead

If you, or someone you know, is contemplating separation, there are some steps that can assist in avoiding unnecessary problems. Being prepared is simply being responsible.
Become Informed
Learn the basics of the separation and divorce process.  If you understand your options and know what to expect you will be less fearful and better prepared.

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Valuable Information is Available. Visit the Website now.
You will need emotional support.  Check out local professional counselling services, community or church support groups to help you through this challenging transition.

Consider if you will need to update your education to earn more and become more employable or advance your career.

Understand Your Financial Picture Headline

Client & Lawyer Meeting
Picture Your Future Lifestyle for a Better Outcome
 Look at the long term
 of any decisions you
 consider and
fully understand
 what effect they
will have on you both emotionally and
Visualize your financial picture after the divorce. Work with Financial Divorce Solutions to do the family net property, budget and cash-flow statements and obtain Personalized Lifestyle Projections to help you make those life-altering financial settlement decisions today.

Consider Credit, Banking & Record Keeping Issues Headline

Cheques & Calculator
Untangle Your Finances

What is Your Next Step?

  • Having your own credit rating is extremely important to enable you to borrow in the future.
  • Protect yourself against increasing debt through joint credit card accounts.
  • Consider opening your own bank account in case joint accounts become empty. However, be careful about taking funds from joint accounts / lines of credit / investments as this could cause stress and negative feelings making the separation more difficult.
  • Record financial information and property items to help establish the value of your assets.
  • Consider child custody issues and remember children handle family breakdown better if they don't feel guilty about loving the other parent or wanting to spend time with them. 
  • Seek guidance and direction for your specific situation from a qualified Financial Divorce Specialist and legal professional.
The Path Aheadadline

Securing your future begins with taking a few steps; your marriage may have ended, but your life has not. Call 905-892-4058 or email Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Specialist to discuss your next step.

Please use the link at the end of the newsletter to forward this email to your family, friends and co-workers.  This is how you can help reduce the stress and emotional turmoil for someone you know who is dealing with their marriage transition. 

Gail Belchior
Financial Divorce Solutions

Owner / Consultant

Please don't hesitate to give our office a call to find out how we can assist you.
You will receive a brief complimentary telephone review to help you understand your financial options.
Gain the confidence today that you need to take the next step on the path ahead.
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