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What is that you ask?
How to Untangle the Financial Complexities


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Decisions Today Impact all Your Tomorrows
When you know it's over and it's time to take action call Financail Divorce Solutions.

Protecting one's wealth involves a dynamic view of the current value of your assets and your future financial capacity.

Receive personalized future lifestyle projections to help make those life-altering financial decisions.
Are You Ready?


How do you know if a 50-50 division of assets is your best possible settlement outcome?


Using a highly sophisticated processFinancial Divorce Solutions can provide you with future lifestyle projections.


This will help you to see how decisions today about pensions, insurance and taxation issues could affect your future security and future lifestyle. 

Exciting News  
May 2012
Gail Belchior, Consultant



   M. Gail Belchior, BA/BEd, PFP, FDS
   Owner / Financial Divorce Consultant

As you might have heard, I have expanded my specialization in the Financial Services field by becoming an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist.

What is that you ask?

The breakup of a marriage is one of life's challenges that many find themselves in today. The divorce process is often complicated involving many decisions, particularly financial ones. With my help, as a Financial Divorce Specialist, this process can be made much less stressful and reduce the time in negotiation with the ex-spouse.

Working Together for a Better Outcome


During separation or divorce actions, people often become concerned about financial issues such as cash flow, asset division and income. These are very real issues and can often cause people a great deal of emotional turmoil and stress.


This is where I can help people to make the best financial decisions given their personal situation. I will show clients how decisions made today about pensions, insurance and taxation issues will impact their future lifestyle and future financial security. These critical decisions deserve the attention of a specially trained professional.

How to Untangle the Financial Complexities.

Stacking DollarsI can help to untangle the financial complexities, so my clients:

  • Gain confidence by receiving multiple scenario options for their lifestyle.
  • Feel comfortable about their financial security.
  • See how decisions today could affect their future.
  • Reduce their stress and the time & costs negotiating for a better outcome.
  • Untangle their finances through a clear process, with flexible scheduling.
  • Gain solutions for their individual situation using a fee for service agreement.
  • Communicate and meet with any third party of their choice, lawyer, mediator or spouse to go over and explain scenarios.


I know that we have all heard divorce disaster stories and I will be able to help many across Niagara to avoid this by providing clear options. This service is completely personalized and reflects each individual's future lifestyle.

Watch for upcoming events.

Gail Belchior
Financial Divorce Solutions

I ask that you share this information with your own family and friends. I hope that you will be able to show them you care about their financial security and want to ensure they avoid a divorce disaster by working with Financial Divorce Solutions.

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